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Beyond T-Shaped, Tomorrow’s Marketing Leaders are Arrow-Forged

It seems these days that all the rage is to be a “T-Shaped” marketer.  The idea being that you should be deep in one skill, and wide in your knowledge.  I think that’s solid, but kinda rudimentary advice.  And, at the end of the day, if it isn’t flawed, it is over-simplified. In a previous post, I introduced the Go To Market Skills Mastery model, shown again here: Most

Breakthrough Story Telling Workshop

In today’s crowded and information overloaded market, your story matters more than anything in getting noticed, prioritized and winning. But it’s really not your story, it’s your customer’s. In this highly interactive and engaging day, you’ll not only learn how to tell a breakthrough Viewpoint Story, you’ll actually build a first version of your own. Ken’s framework, developed over

Treasury Curve Finds Their Voice

Situation: A small but successful provider of Cloud Treasury Services that help corporations proactively and efficiently manage their cash and investments, Treasury Curve needed to move beyond features and benefits to raise their visibility in the market and attract new customers.  As a small team, the project had to be executed quickly with minimal demands on the team’s