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A Chat with Onward Nation’s Stephen Woessner

In this podcast, Onward Nation’s Stephen Woessner and I chat about my story, working out, making your customer the hero and other stuff!  Hope you


Are You Selling Like it’s 1999? – My Guest Blog on The CEO Magazine

In the late 1980s I had the privilege to attend IBM’s vaunted sales training.  We learned techniques for rapport building, need finding, objection handling, and closing, even including, and I kid you not, the highly praised “assumptive/alternative close” which went something like, “Do you want that mainframe cabinet in White or IBM Blue?” Many of these techniques, while feeling

The New Math of Competitive Differentiation, 7 – 1 = 3!

New Math: 7 – 1 = 3.  Stick with me here all you quant types! How many times have you seen this drawing in a piece of marketing? And the pitch goes something like this, “We are the only ones who can give you D, which is super amazing, because only we have A, B and C, everyone else only has A and B. ” This logic seems OK, but it is very susceptible to the