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Viewpoint Story Successes

Make 2018 the year you tell your Breakthrough Viewpoint Story and lead your market! Telling your story is the critical step to market leadership and dominance. Contact me at to see how I can help you, or sign up for my March workshop here. Since a picture says 1000 words, here’s a bunch of my client examples you may of heard of to show the way: • FireEye – “Modern

Shoulder to Shoulder with Tim Eades on Leadership…

Tim Eades, CEO of vArmour made for a compelling guest at our Dojo Meetup on December 5th. Though we promised “Vegas Rules” on specific antidotes and people, here’s a few of the nuggets of wisdom I took away from our chat: The future is NOT “4-legged” sales calls, it’s high velocity, value delivery driven, product led, low touch sales – Think

What A Week In CyberSecurity – Story Matters, and Here’s the “Proof-Points”!

Last week proved once again that the cybersecurity market is alive, well and kicking for investment activity and returns.   Three transactions of significance happened last week and now that we’ve caught our breadth, let’s take a look at what we can learn.  First, in case you were on vacation or not watching the market Barracuda is being acquired (NYSE: CUDA) by private equity