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Sophos – Synchronized Security Launch

Situation: Sophos is one of the world’s leading providers of both endpoint and network security and goes to market under the tagline, “Security Made Simple”, critical to the mid-market customer focus.   When Ken engaged with Sophos in mid-2015 they were finishing the technical integration of the two product areas with an innovative “Security

Cybersecurity Go To Market Dojo Meetup #1 Takeaways, Thank Yous and Next Events

About forty Go To Market Professionals in cybersecurity gathered on June 21st for the first ever meet-up of the Silicon Valley Go to Market Dojo.  I must humbly say the event was a great success. Our guest speaker, Dr. Chenxi Wang discussed”Winning the Analyst Game- An Insider’s View”.  A former lead security analyst at Forrester, Chenxi then worked for several security

Forget THE Silver Bullet, to Breakthrough and Win, Tell Your Golden Story!

A client of my recently lamented, “I was really hoping we’d find a silver bullet”.  I asked her what she meant.  She said, “You know, the ONE thing we could say, the one sentence that would set us apart”. I said, “Well, there might not be a silver bullet(yet), but we’ve got a Golden Story!”.  The story that connects your uniqueness to the