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Work with Me and Help Me Scale My Business and Launch New Offerings

My work-life is great but getting a bit crazy, so I am looking for help to capture and take advantage of growing and new business opportunities.


So You Want to Be a Market Leader?

“To be fair, these are tough questions. And Rutsky knows it. The easy answer is that everyone wants to be a market leader. But, as Rutsky earnestly proclaims, some companies lead while others lag. The leaders. They focus on winning by articulating and connecting their unique value to their customers’ world and context, while the others focus their communication on features, functions and


Launching to Leading Featured on the Marketing Book Podcast

Host Douglas Burdett said in his commentary… It’s (the Viewpoint Story) ingeniously simple, but not simple to develop. Fear not –  the book walks you through all the details of how to create and implement