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Charting the Customer Journey…

I’ve been thinking about maps a lot lately.   Not the maps you find on Google or Mapquest, but the kind you might find on the whiteboard of many successful or fledgling SaaS companies today, a map of the Customer Journey. Customers today come in to services in many forms, freemium, trial or paid users.  But getting the sign up, long the purview of sales and now quickly become the

Chasm, What Chasm? Three Trends Collapsing the Technology Adoption Lifecycle

I’ve been wondering a lot lately about the Technology Adoption Lifecycle and Geoffry Moore’s classic Crossing the Chasm.   I believe that we are seeing the Chasm obliterated by technology and cultural changes.    I see three inter-related trends that are driving this collapse, none of these in and of themselves will surprise any readers, but I think when taken together, there is and Three Other Companies Getting Viewpoint Right!

When I talk about Viewpoint, the first question I usually get is, “well, who does this well?” The godfather of Viewpoint in the new era of cloud computing is clearly   As I have written here,’s “The End of Software” created a unique and compelling Viewpoint that aligned with the aspiration and frustrations of their target customers