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Velocity Marketing Evolution – How to Achieve Extreme Marketing Breakthrough, Pipeline Velocity and ROI

Today’s buyer is information overloaded, bandwidth constrained and fiercely independent.  A recent survey by the Corporate Executive Board reported that 57% of the new B2B sales cycle is DONE before the buyer’s first formal contact to the selected vendor.  Understanding that simple fact requires a radical rethink of go to market strategies and tactics across sales and marketing. 

Cirque Du Soleil and Setting the Stage – Viewpoint Abounds

(Note: Viewpoint is a critical part of my Breakthrough Marketing Framework, to learn more about how it fits with Value and Velocity to create impact and breakthrough, read this post…Ken ) Walking across the Santa Monica pier, my senses rose to an unusually high level.  The misty cool evening woke me up after a dinner with great food, new friends and fine wine.   As we approached the lit

Driving High Velocity Pipeline – Experience, Engagement and Delivery

It’s been almost a year since I starting blogging about the role of Experience in the new Cloud Go To Market strategy.  In my post on Bridging to SaaS Success; A Basic Blueprint, I said:   Go To Market Tactics: E -> E: Evaluation to Experience. Today’s go to