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Standing out – 4 Types of Viewpoint That Can Get You Noticed

(Ken’s note: This blog is part of a series of blogs on Viewpoint.  After reading this introduction,  you may want to check out my step by step guide on developing your Viewpoint,  a 3 part series of blogs called – AIM STEEP to Build Breakthrough Viewpoint.) As I’ve blogged extensively about, today’s information rich and overloaded environment, combined with


In Honor of Combat Post Keating – Three Lessons To Learn from The Afghanistan Front

In his haunting and inspiring book, “The Outpost – An Untold Story of American Valor”, Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) tells the story of the brave soldiers who gave their lives and honor to defend Combat Outpost (COP) Keating in the remotest part of Afghanistan, near the Pakistani border.  COP Keating was originally envisioned as a Provincial Reconstruction Team base.  To quote

Charting the Customer Journey…

I’ve been thinking about maps a lot lately.   Not the maps you find on Google or Mapquest, but the kind you might find on the whiteboard of many successful or fledgling SaaS companies today, a map of the Customer Journey. Customers today come in to services in many forms, freemium, trial or paid users.  But getting the sign up, long the purview of sales and now quickly become the