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Poking Through the Clouds, Three Strategies for STANDOUT Category Positioning

About 5 yrs ago, I had the pleasure of sitting through sales training with John Costigan. I remember John’s opening as he said something like, “How are you?” and got the typical quite reaction. John went on to say something like, “when I am asked, I say “OUTSTANDING” and you should too. Because to STAND OUT, you MUST BE OUTSTANDING”. Fast forward to last

Find Your Glider Bike – Paths to Successful SaaS Transitions

I am constantly surprised at how much my 4 kids teach me, but sometimes it’s really cool!!! Owen, my youngest is a typical 3 1/2 year old boy, energetic, physical and fearless. He’s been riding on a glider bike for the last year, and loves to blast down hills with his feet in the air, scaring the daylights out of his Dad. For those of you unfamiliar with glider bikes, it’s


Getting Your Head Around Mindset – Driving Successful Transformations

(Ken’s note Sept 2016 – This is an older blog, but a relevant one still) I recently finished my blog series on Bridging to SaaS Success, and I’ve been thinking a lot about one part of that framework, Mindset. I talked about the SaaS mindset, and said, “Mindset is made up of 3 things, orientation, perspective, and