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5 Ways You Better Be Above Average – Winning Marketing in a Global, High Velocity Marketplace

Talking about his new book, “That Used to Be Us,” at a recent speech at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, best selling author Thomas Friedman said, “Average is over.  Everyone must define and develop their extra, that unique value add that justifies, in this world of rising curves why they should be hired or promoted.”   Friedman goes on to make a case that to win in the global


The Demise of Marketers, the Rise of Coders – Eh, I think NOT!

Andrew Chen’s recent blog post entitled – Growth Hacker is the New VP of Marketing certainly got my attention and was one of the most intriguing post I’ve read in months.  Andrew essentially writes an obituary for Marketers, saying they are going the way of the dinosaur to be replaced by a new and more evolved species he calls the Growth Hacker.  Do I agree, NO!  But that

Mind The Gaps – 3 Gaps to High Velocity Pipeline, and How to Bridge Them To Success

When I used to go to London often and ride the Underground, the constant refrain seen was “Mind The Gap”.   Mind the Gap or you could suffer some unmentionable and clearly gruesome fate.   As Online software service providers of all flavors try to create high velocity sales and marketing businesses, they would do well to mind these 3 gaps: 1) The “It’s Not Your