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Cybersecurity Go To Market Dojo Meetup #1 Takeaways, Thank Yous and Next Events

About forty Go To Market Professionals in cybersecurity gathered on June 21st for the first ever meet-up of the Silicon Valley Go to Market Dojo.  I must humbly say the event was a great success. Our guest speaker, Dr. Chenxi Wang discussed”Winning the Analyst Game- An Insider’s View”.  A former lead security analyst at Forrester, Chenxi then worked for several security

Forget THE Silver Bullet, to Breakthrough and Win, Tell Your Golden Story!

A client of my recently lamented, “I was really hoping we’d find a silver bullet”.  I asked her what she meant.  She said, “You know, the ONE thing we could say, the one sentence that would set us apart”. I said, “Well, there might not be a silver bullet(yet), but we’ve got a Golden Story!”.  The story that connects your uniqueness to the

Word of the Week – “Old Pro”

“Old Pro” – (n) Noun – 1) A bar in Palo Alto, as in “The Old Pro”.  The Old Pro is a very popular sports bar currently housed on Ramona Street in the building that formerly was Ramona’s Pizza.  The Old Pro has often hosted the royalty of Silicon Valley and was one of the late “Coach” Bill Campbell’s hangouts.  Also, many a Stanford