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Pure Go To Market Harmony – Why We Need Both Classical and Jazz Performers and Performances

“We built the best deck ever, and sales just insists on changing it, they can’t stay on message” – Head of Marketing “That marketing deck is out of touch, our audience just doesn’t want to listen to that” – Head of Sales Sometimes, as a consultant, I just want to go all Rodney King on my clients and scream – WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET


CyberTech San Diego: Marketing Hero’s Journey Workshop with Ken Rutsky

Join me for an interactive workshop where you will learn how to tell your story like Disney, Lucas, and other masters of film and media while transforming your messaging and selling, by being the magic in your Customer’s Hero’s Journey.   And leave with a framework and toolset that you can apply to your business today! Link here for more information and


Business Growth Innovation Conference – SOCAL BMA

Join me in Los Angeles where I will be keynoting this conference and delivering a talk on: The Hero’s Journey: It’s Your Customer’s Story Not Yours For more info and to sign up, go to the event