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Transform or Inspire – Messaging to Start a Movement – Part 2

(This is a continuation of a multi-part post on igniting and leading a market Movement.  To start at Part 1, go here. ) Purpose or Movement Messaging, as I describe in Part 1 of this series, must either transform or inspire a business issue or society.  With the 4 types of message, inspiration or transformation, business or societal, we see how this message reaches above market context, to


Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center – Be the Magic In Your Customer’s Hero’s Journey

I’ll be speaking at the Nasdaq center in San Francisco on January 18th. You can register here for no charge! Seats Limited! Marketing Hero’s Journey Workshop – How to Breakthrough and Lead Your Market by Being the Magic in Your Customer’s Hero’s Journey. In this highly interactive and valuable workshop Ken Rutsky, author of Launching to Leading, and

Thinking BIG – Four Types of Messaging to Start a Movement – Part 1

You have a successful product line, you are a known leader of a meaningful market parade, sales are growing, and so is your valuation.  To quote a famous t-shirt brand, “Life is Good”.  Congrats. THEN you raise the big round, make the big acquisition, start to worry about upstarts who are beginning to nip at your heels.  Or maybe the sales team needs to call higher, but feel they