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Transform or Inspire – Messaging to Start a Movement – Part 2

(This is a continuation of a multi-part post on igniting and leading a market Movement.  To start at Part 1, go here. ) Purpose or Movement Messaging, as I describe in Part 1 of this series, must either transform or inspire a business issue or society.  With the 4 types of message, inspiration or transformation, business or societal, we see how this message reaches above market context, to

Thinking BIG – Four Types of Messaging to Start a Movement – Part 1

You have a successful product line, you are a known leader of a meaningful market parade, sales are growing, and so is your valuation.  To quote a famous t-shirt brand, “Life is Good”.  Congrats. THEN you raise the big round, make the big acquisition, start to worry about upstarts who are beginning to nip at your heels.  Or maybe the sales team needs to call higher, but feel they

Politics, The End of Truth and What B2B Marketers Can Learn…

(Authors note: It’s no secret among my friends and family that I have a preference between the two candidates in this election.  However, I have tried to keep politics out of my business communications, and this blog will NOT try to be a case for voting for either of what I consider the worst pair of major party candidates I have seen in my lifetime.  Instead, I want to focus on what

Don’t Quit When You’re Not “Upenuf” – Why Go to Market Excellence is so Dang Hard, But Worth It!

I was thinking about, or maybe more the case obsessing about, market leadership on my bike ride the other morning.  I had just gotten a tune up and a fix up of my road bike, and was enjoying a early morning ride that was reminding me why I love living in Northern California, 68 degrees, sunny and the road nearly to myself.  That is, until I got about two thirds of the way up my climb of Old La

Ready to Summit? Three Surprisingly Simple Ideas to Take You to the Top of Your B2B Market

You’ve invested in marketing automation, content marketing people and programs.  You’ve just finished that new messaging project.  Now what? Having the right messaging and positioning, no small task in today’s crowded buyer centric B2B markets, puts you at the base of the mountain. To reach the summit, you must do three things. First, execute with consistency, veracity and