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Surround the Customer – Why You Must Rearchitect Your Organization for SaaS Success

Continuing my blog series on bridging to SaaS success, today I want to talk about transitioning from a linear to a circular organization architecture. Once I have adopted a SaaS Mindset, the next think I need to do is build the supporting infrastructure to SaaS success. In this context, your infrastructure is made up of your people and skills, your domain expertise and your organizational

Rather than piling on Amazon…let’s talk SaaS mindset

July 3, 2012 Update:  I wrote this post over a year ago, in April 2011, when Amazon had a significant outage.  In the wake of this weeks outages, I thought it was worth reposting…) April 2011:  The easy thing to do today would be to pontificate about the Amazon outages and the impact they had on service delivery for a wide range of SaaS providers…but you don’t need this blog

Bridging to SaaS Success – A Basic Blueprint

(June 2012 – A quick note and update:  While I originally wrote this series in early 2011, today it seems both slight dated, but also more relevant than ever.  While I still see packaged software vendors, nearly 100% now have significant SaaS/PaaS and IaaS efforts underway.  It is without a doubt the future and it is here.  However, many managers still have not fully understood the