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Building Your B2B Market Leadership Machine

In today’s highly competitive B2B markets, to be a leader, you must build and run a modern marketing machine that can be thought of like a race car.  In fact, market leaders need to be great at three things; Marketing Automation,  Content Marketing, and Messaging and Positioning.  These can be thought of as the engine, the tires and the fuel of the race car. When you have a high

5 Times to Fix Your B2B Messaging – and It’s Probably at Least One of Them Now!

When I chat with CEOs, CMOs and VPs of Sales in B2B technology companies, it’s almost always about “re-messaging” or “re-positioning” their company, product or service or some combination of these.  Often I hear, “I know we need to do this, but I am not sure it’s the right time…” Well, I believe that if you are not sure, it probably IS the

Climbing the Messaging Ladder to 6X More Leads to Revenue

When my good friend and colleague and marketing automation guru from Digital Pi Tom Grubb pointed out in this blog, “If you don’t get your messaging right and tight, the revenue you take will rarely equal the marketing investment you make” it got me thinking about the true value of great messaging, story and positioning.   After Tom and I chatted a bit today, we concluded that it

Gravitywaves and Why they Matter to Your B2B Marketing, Or Do They??

I just had the pleasure of spending 2 days helping a client jointly with my good friend and colleague Tom Grubb.  Tom, and the company he co-founded, Digital Pi, may be the most skilled marketing automation people on the planet, among other things, Tom used to run all of product marketing for Marketo, and the business he helps to run is growing beyond belief.  In today’s world, whether

Stories that Sell, Messaging That Matters – The Viewpoint Marketing B2B Playbook to Market Leadership

Dear Reader, I’m excited to share this preview content of my upcoming book with you.  We live in a challenging time for marketing and sales professionals in B2B markets.  Information flows freely, markets are crowded, and buyers only engage on their terms, in their context, and on their timeline, not ours.  Basically, no one wants to listen to us. Even when they are ready to listen we must