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What to Look For at the RSA Conference – Five Mega-Trends Changing IT Security

I do a lot of work with IT Security Vendors.   It’s a fascinating place to be a marketer.   There is no doubt, IT Security is a very technical market.  And one that might change more continuously than any other B2B market I know.   Of course, we all know that there are individuals and countries that are motivated to break into our most important network and systems and either steal

To Lead Your Market, Dare to Elevate Your Messaging

There is no doubt in B2B markets many, if not all companies strive for market leadership, but few breakthrough and achieve it.  Why?  The reasons are many.  Poor product market fit, poor user experience, misaligned pricing to value, the list goes on.  But even those who get all that right can “self-limit” their success by not elevating their messaging mix to the heights required

Leading the Parade – Part II, A Short Q & A with GoodData CEO Roman Stanek

In my last blog, I wrote about what I consider to be a bold and high return move by GoodData to lead a new segment that they call, “Insight as a Service” .  Insight as A Service as GoodData describes it is a much better mousetrap than Business Intelligence in the Cloud.   To lead a market, you need to define the context of the conversation, and GoodData is trying to do just

GoodData Starts a Parade – Establishing Leadership in a Crowded Market

Business Intelligence is a established and growing market.  BUT it is a changing and fluid one, being impacted by many many of the trendy words you might hear like Big Data, Hadoop, IOT, Cloud and well others I’m sure.  It is also a crowded market, with established vendors ranging from IBM to SAP, new successes like 2013 IPO Tableau (DATA on NYSE, Mktg Cap 6B+!) and just acquired by

Getting Your Messaging Mix Right by Understanding the the Market Leadership Lifecycle.

I’ve been working on a new model to think about market leadership and how to message at different phases of leadership.  I am doing a lot of work on this model, and would love your feedback. Market leaders are created not born.  In B2B markets, they will go through 3 phases of market leadership, which I call creation, leadership and transformation.  My metaphor for these three phases are