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Five B2B CMOs You Meet on the Way to Marketing Heaven

I recently passed my 5 yr anniversary as a B2B marketing consultant in Silicon Valley and beyond.  In that time I’ve met some amazing CMOs and CEOs.  B2B Marketing is a never ending multi-layered multi-disciplinary challenge.  One , as I described to my daughters 4th grade class with this presentation, that requires you to be part artist, part poet and part scientist.  As a died in the wool

Why Features and Benefit Marketing and Selling is Broken, and What to Do About It

Need feature benefit is the time tested sales and marketing technique that starts with a specific need, links a feature your product or service has to that need, and then proposes an expected benefit to be had.  This worked great 10 years ago in what I call the age of ROI.  Entire selling systems were built to convince the buyer that the features and benefits of solutions were enough above the

3 Paths to Category and Market Leadership: Flashmobs, Parades and Movements

Market leadership is a very desirable position, there’s no question about it.  However, new entrants are really faced with an uphill battle in establishing market leadership.  First of all, there is often an established category and leader. Second, in general, B2B buyers are a conservative bunch, and their bias is to buy from the established leader.  As they say, no one ever got fired

Why Context Is King in Today’s B2B Tech Markets? – Part 3 Putting it together into Our Viewpoint

As we saw in part 1 of this series, B2B Technology marketers are dealing with a new reality.  Information is abundant, Alternatives are Many and in response, Buyers are now fiercely independent and highly networked. Proving ROI means nothing except a check box, if you aren’t strategic then nobody notices and if they notice they just don’t care.  Yet, as we saw in part 2, many

Why Context Is King in Today’s B2B Tech Markets? – Part 2 -Re-invent Your Messaging

The second dimension of my Viewpoint is the articulation of a re-invented solution, which is covered in depth in this blog.  To quickly recap, this blog argued that you can re-invent your solution along 3 dimensions, Approach, Innovation and Mindset or AIM; show diagrammatically here: So when B2B Marketers look at their messaging methodology