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Viewpoint Story Successes

Make 2018 the year you tell your Breakthrough Viewpoint Story and lead your market! Telling your story is the critical step to market leadership and dominance. Contact me at to see how I can help you, or sign up for my March workshop here. Since a picture says 1000 words, here’s a bunch of my client examples you may of heard of to show the way: • FireEye – “Modern

Treasury Curve Finds Their Voice

Situation: A small but successful provider of Cloud Treasury Services that help corporations proactively and efficiently manage their cash and investments, Treasury Curve needed to move beyond features and benefits to raise their visibility in the market and attract new customers.  As a small team, the project had to be executed quickly with minimal demands on the team’s

Sophos – Synchronized Security Launch

Situation: Sophos is one of the world’s leading providers of both endpoint and network security and goes to market under the tagline, “Security Made Simple”, critical to the mid-market customer focus.   When Ken engaged with Sophos in mid-2015 they were finishing the technical integration of the two product areas with an innovative “Security

Jumio – Trusted Identity as a Service

Situation: Ken engaged with Jumio in late 2016.   Jumio, a provider of real-world identification technology and services, had a differentiated offering, but was challenged in communicating why this mattered to prospective customers.  They too often found themselves fighting feature rather than value battles. Project: Ken worked with the executive team and sales

Spirion – Stopping Sensitive Data Sprawl

Situation: Ken engaged with Spirion in April of 2016. Spirion, then known as Identity Finder, had been recently acquired by a Private Equity firm. The new CEO believed that revised messaging and positioning would be crucial to accelerating the already strong growth of the business. Project: Ken worked with the new CEO, the founder and the team to develop new