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Jumio – Trusted Identity as a Service

Situation: Ken engaged with Jumio in late 2016.   Jumio, a provider of real-world identification technology and services, had a differentiated offering, but was challenged in communicating why this mattered to prospective customers.  They too often found themselves fighting feature rather than value battles. Project: Ken worked with the executive team and sales

Spirion – Stopping Sensitive Data Sprawl

Situation: Ken engaged with Spirion in April of 2016. Spirion, then known as Identity Finder, had been recently acquired by a Private Equity firm. The new CEO believed that revised messaging and positioning would be crucial to accelerating the already strong growth of the business. Project: Ken worked with the new CEO, the founder and the team to develop new

3Scale – Winning in the API Economy

Situation: Ken engaged with 3Scale in June of 2013. At the time, 3Scale was looking for a way to stand out in a small but crowded market in API Management, where they had a price advantage and different go to market approach, but were not known as well as their larger competitors. Project: Ken worked with the founding CEO and his team to capture and package their

Nimsoft – Unified Monitoring, From the Data Center to the Cloud

Situation: Ken engaged with Nimsoft from 2009 to 2011 in a variety of projects.   The initial project was a rapid assessment of Nimsoft’s position in the marketplace. Out of that, Ken identified a need to reposition the company in order to break out from a flat revenue scenario. Project: Working with the Founder CEO, the EVP of Sales and the team, Ken built

FireEye – Modern Malware Exposed

Situation: Ken engaged with FireEye in late 2009. At the time, they had revenues in the low millions of dollars, primarily in the .EDU market. FireEye came to Ken to help them better explain their value to buyers who could not fit them into a current category in the Network Security Market. Project: Working with the Founder/CEO the Director of Marketing, Product