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Word of the Week – “Old Pro”

“Old Pro” – (n) Noun – 1) A bar in Palo Alto, as in “The Old Pro”.  The Old Pro is a very popular sports bar currently housed on Ramona Street in the building that formerly was Ramona’s Pizza.  The Old Pro has often hosted the royalty of Silicon Valley and was one of the late “Coach” Bill Campbell’s hangouts.  Also, many a Stanford

Word of the Week – “Open Source”

Open Source – (n) Noun – 1) A hypothetical business model that has made money exactly once (see RedHat) and is often bandied about as the next new thing.  Also, known as the last ditch effort to save a failing software company.  This is not to be confused with “Freemium”(see Freemium), another business model that shares the same