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Shoulder to Shoulder with Tim Eades on Leadership…

Tim Eades, CEO of vArmour made for a compelling guest at our Dojo Meetup on December 5th. Though we promised “Vegas Rules” on specific antidotes and people, here’s a few of the nuggets of wisdom I took away from our chat: The future is NOT “4-legged” sales calls, it’s high velocity, value delivery driven, product led, low touch sales – Think

Why I Started the Go To Market Dojo – 6 Months Later…

It all started with a conversation with my friend, colleague and mentor Donna: Donna asked, “so you’re going to the RSA Conference, why aren’t you speaking there?” “All the people would want to hear me, are all busy with speaking to their customers,” I replied, “We really don’t have a great place to gather.” “Well, then you create the

Scary Clowns Aside, Our Dojo Panel Dishes Out Tasty Treats on Sales and Marketing Alignment

About 50 practitioners, panelists and sponsors gathered to chat about Sales and Marketing Alignment at the Silicon Valley Go To Market Dojo on 10/24.  The food and the discussion were excellent, and a special thanks to our night’s sponsor, DWCC Global. Panelists BJ Bushur, Jim Wilson, Franco Azini and Craig Hooper brought some amazing insights, even if they were haunted by the clown

Cybersecurity Go To Market Dojo Meetup #1 Takeaways, Thank Yous and Next Events

About forty Go To Market Professionals in cybersecurity gathered on June 21st for the first ever meet-up of the Silicon Valley Go to Market Dojo.  I must humbly say the event was a great success. Our guest speaker, Dr. Chenxi Wang discussed”Winning the Analyst Game- An Insider’s View”.  A former lead security analyst at Forrester, Chenxi then worked for several security