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Pure Go To Market Harmony – Why We Need Both Classical and Jazz Performers and Performances

“We built the best deck ever, and sales just insists on changing it, they can’t stay on message” – Head of Marketing “That marketing deck is out of touch, our audience just doesn’t want to listen to that” – Head of Sales Sometimes, as a consultant, I just want to go all Rodney King on my clients and scream – WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET


The Way of the Go To Market Warrior – Charting Your Leadership Journey

When you can snatch the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.” — Master Kan, speaking to the young Caine in Kung Fu. Today, being a Go To Market leader in an organization is harder than ever.  I’ve written in the past that to be a Go To Market leader, you need to be Part


A New Mastery Model for Go To Market Leaders

I’ve been working on a model for clients who need to figure out how to build go to market leadership in their organizations, both at an individual and team level. I’ve come up with the following idea and would love to get your feedback. The eight slices of the pie equal the 8 key mastery skill areas and the outside areas represent “functional” roles often found in


What the $#%^ is a Go To Market Leadership Dojo?

In my travels through organizations small and large, I’ve noticed how difficult it is for my clients to find great go to market leaders to build their teams. I starting thinking there must be a better way. As organizations expand and scale, they need find more effective ways to mentor and nurture a next generation of Go To Market leaders. These future leaders need a road map and path to


“The New Leader Magically Emerges Out of the Crucible of Busy-ness”…Ehh Probably NOT!

As I’ve written in my previous post being a Go To Market Leader is hard.  You need the knowledge of the Jedi Master,  the broad skill-set of a Renaissance Man and the influence of a great evangelist.  This is not only a challenge for individuals, but even more so for senior organizational leaders who must identify and develop these leaders. Just last month, I visited a prospect