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“The New Leader Magically Emerges Out of the Crucible of Busy-ness”…Ehh Probably NOT!

As I’ve written in my previous post being a Go To Market Leader is hard.  You need the knowledge of the Jedi Master,  the broad skill-set of a Renaissance Man and the influence of a great evangelist.  This is not only a challenge for individuals, but even more so for senior organizational leaders who must identify and develop these leaders. Just last month, I visited a prospect


Be A Go To Market Preacher to Scale the Impact of Your Success

( Part 4 in a series, starting here) You might have the skills of Leonardo and the knowledge the Jedi master, to contribute as a Go To Market leader, but to truly have impact and scale, you need to deftly wield influence, and lead in the style of the great evangelists like Martin Luther King; you must be a Go to Market Preacher. Go to market leaders most often can not depend on organizational


May the (Market) Force Be With You – Being a Go To Market Jedi Master

In my previous post, entitled The Split Personality of Great Go To Market Leaders, I said that you need to be part Yoda, you need the knowledge of the Jedi Master.  Without Knowledge, the other 2 pieces of the puzzle, Skills (Da Vinci)  and Influence (MLK), you can only create the scale of effort, not the level of impact or contribution that great leaders make. What then is the knowledge


Renaissance Man – The Amazing Skills of Great Go To Market Leaders

Renaissance Man, he can do most anything, Renaissance Man, paint, sculpt, design and sing – @historyteacherz Youtube Go to Market Leadership is hard because it requires so much of a person.  Especially in today’s fast paced, technology driven market, a true go to market leader must be a Renaissance Man (or Woman). Today’s go to market leader must do most anything, she must


Part Yoda, Part Leonardo, Part MLK – The Split Personality of Great Go to Market Leaders

Go to Market leaders in organizations are invaluable.  You recognize them because they seem to anticipate your questions, they show the way to others,  they have their fingers on both the pulse of the market, and possesses and uncanny sense of what to do next to build and grow the business. Whether the CMO, the VP of Marketing, the Director of Product Marketing, the senior Field Marketing