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Nimsoft – Unified Monitoring, From the Data Center to the Cloud


Ken engaged with Nimsoft from 2009 to 2011 in a variety of projects. The initial project was a rapid assessment of Nimsoft’s position in the marketplace. Out of that, Ken identified a need to reposition the company in order to break out from a flat revenue scenario.


Working with the Founder CEO, the EVP of Sales and the team, Ken built out the Unified Monitoring messaging platform, with the tagline – “From the Data Center to the Cloud”. In addition, the project led to the launch of Nimsoft’s first SaaS based solution, Nimsoft On Demand.


Nimsoft’s business went from flat to 50%+ growth in the first year after repositioning. In March of 2010 Nimsoft was acquired by CA for $350M, an over 10x multiple of trailing sales, and an outstanding return on less than $20M of invested capital.

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