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Ken Speaks at The B2B Marketers Award Conference
in New York City, June 2016

Webinar: Be The Magic in Your Customer’s Hero’s
Journey And Become A Market Leader

Breakthrough & Transformation

Are you organizing an event or team offsite? Does your team need insight into how sales and marketing organizations and their leaders tackle today’s crowded, highly competitive markets? Do they need inspiration to change? Do they want a lens into what is working for Silicon Valley market leaders, and what they can learn from their successes? Or does the team need to shift their mindset and tackle problems with a new perspective?

Ken’s speaking leverages 25+ years in Silicon Valley, working for both household name brands like Intel and McAfee, as well as successful (and not so successful) start-up ventures, to provide relevant insight and inspiration in an engaging and memorable presentation.

Selected Speaking Topics

Launching to Leading

How market leaders lead and transform their markets by creating flash mobs, marshaling parades, and igniting movements. This keynote takes you from Campbell to Covey, from the Chasm to your market parade, and shows how leaders like Virgin America and Palo Alto Networks go from Launching to Leading and beyond.

The Magical Hero’s Journey

Learn how to tell your story like Disney, Lucas, and other masters of film and media while transforming your messaging and selling, by being the magic in your Customer’s Hero’s Journey. Learn how to apply this proven storytelling framework giving the blueprint to tell THE story that will breakthrough the clutter and tilt the market in your favor!

Breakthrough Mindsets

If you are faced with transforming a team’s mission, focus, or performance, this speech shows how mindset is the key to unlock success. Makes a great pairing with a 1/2 mindset workshop.

Markets Are Conversations

Like the grab bazaars of the Middle East, today’s markets are loud, noisy, and crowded. After this provocative keynote, you’ll never think about selling and marketing the same way.

Positioning For Success

Ken reviews various case studies using proven techniques to position products, product lines, and companies for growth and exit. Perfect for executive teams, senior marketing staff, and investors.

Beyond Product Market Fit

The mindset, approach and innovation fix for making sure you get beyond engineering a great product to truly communicating your unique value.

~ Rhianna Collier, VP & Managing Director, Software & Information Industry Association

Ken’s keynote kicked off our event perfectly. It was energetic, compelling, and thought provoking.

~ Rhianna Collier, VP & Managing Director, Software & Information Industry Association

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