When you write a business book, especially one where you set up the problem with market trends, you always worry that the trends you have identified are temporary or will end soon, making your books relevance plummet. To combat this, you really need to try to pick trends that you feel strongly will last at least a few years or more. And if you are really good, lucky, or a combination of the two, you’ve found trends that are not just timely, but will continue to accelerate for even longer.

So I will write it off to 20% prescience, 20% market feel and 60% good fortune that 5 years after publishing Launching to Leading trends I point to in the book are even bigger:

  • Information is (EVEN MORE ) Abundant
  • B2B Markets are (MORE) Crowded (than ever)
  • B2B Buyers are (MORE)independent, connected and in control

YET still too many B2B Companies get stuck in launch and never become the market leaders they should because they:

1) continue to hide information (about pricing, demos, etc…)
2) continue to compete on features
3) overvalue value, thinking the best ROI wins

Instead of following the proven path in the book of:
1) Creating a compelling, transformative Viewpoint story for the potential buyers of their offering and category
2) Identifying the UNIQUE value only they can deliver to those buyers
3) Demonstrating, not simply describing, that value during the entire buying EXPERIENCE

For the longer version, it’s just 99c for the Kindle version to celebrate – So get it today for the price of well 99c, and if you write a review, I’ll send you an autographed hard copy of the book!

May all of yours and your customers’ Hero’s Journey be transformative and amazing – Ken

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