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Viewpoint Story Successes

Make 2018 the year you tell your Breakthrough Viewpoint Story and lead your market! Telling your story is the critical step to market leadership and dominance. Contact me at to see how I can help you, or sign up for my March workshop here.

Since a picture says 1000 words, here’s a bunch of my client examples you may of heard of to show the way:

• FireEye – “Modern Malware Exposed” – IPO!

•3Scale – “The API Economy” – Acquired by Redhat!

•Nimsoft – “From the DataCenter to the Cloud” – Acquired by CA!

•SkyHigh Networks – “Shadow IT” – Acquired by McAfee!

•DTMI – “Unlocking Location Economics” – Acquired by Post and Mail!

•Weblife.IO – “Empower Employee Web Access” – Acquired by Proofpoint!

And here’s some more recent emerging leaders to watch:

•BluePrint Systems – “Intelligent Automation for Business & IT Alignment”

•Jumio – “Trusted Identity as A Service”

•Electric Cloud – “Releasing on Business Demand”

•ModoLabs – “The Connected Workplace”

I wish you all your teams, and your customers the best on all your Hero’s Journeys…Ken

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