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Go To Market Dojo Meet-up – Sales and Marketing Alignment – Mission Impossible?

This meet-up brings together the entire Go To Market Dojo Community to discuss a topic that is both critical and all too often illusive: The alignment of sales and marketing.

In today’s buyer driven competitive markets there is very little room for error.  If sales and marketing are not aligned on message, target, and tactics, winning your market and growing revenues to high growth targets simply won’t happen.

Our panelists for this discussion with moderator Ken Rutsky are

• Jim Wilson Operating Partner at Costanoa Ventures

• BJ Bushur, Founder and CEO of Foundation6

Franco Anzini , Senior Director of Sales Operations at Xactly Corp

and our sponsor DWCC.  Jim and BJ bring decades of operating experience in both inside and outside sales in B2B companies.  Franco is a well known sales operations leader and lives at the intersection of sales and marketing every day, and DWCC provides outsourced global expansion sales development for dozens of technology clients.

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