3Scale - Winning the API Economy

Client Success Story


Ken engaged with 3Scale in June of 2013. At the time, 3Scale was looking for a way to stand out in a small but crowded market in API Management, where they had a price advantage and different go to market approach, but were not known as well as their larger competitors.


Ken worked with the founding CEO and his team to capture and package their “API Economy” story and messaging. This included building new web content and working with the founder to write a long form whitepaper on Enabling the API Economy. This paper not only articulated their Viewpoint, but laid out the key use cases that formed the basis of their go to market approach for the next 3 years.


3Scale continued to grow, and was acquired RedHat in June of 2016, as outlined in the press release, “By adding 3scale to its existing portfolio, … Red Hat strengthens its enablement of the API economy with simplified cloud integration and microservices-based architectures.” This is the positioning and message that was built in the project.

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