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ForgeRock – Access the Future

Challenge: ForgeRock is a leader in the Identity and Access Management space.  Having been founded in 2010, ForgeRock has broad platform capabilities and an amazing global customer base.  ForgeRock's platform provides solutions across both employee, customer and IOT...

FireEye – Modern Malware Exposed

Challenge: Ken engaged with FireEye in late 2009. At the time, they had revenues in the low millions of dollars, primarily in the .EDU market. FireEye came to Ken to help them better explain their value to buyers who could not fit them into a current category in the...

FastSpring – Sell More Compete Big

Challenge: FastSpring, an e-commerce platform for software companies, was having a challenging time positioning itself and its value in the marketplace. While many companies offer point solutions that software companies can piecemeal together, FastSpring’s real value...

Jumio – Trusted Identity as a Service

Challenge: Ken engaged with Jumio in late 2016.   Jumio, a provider of real-world identification technology and services, had a differentiated offering, but was challenged in communicating why this mattered to prospective customers.  They too often found themselves...

DeepFactor – Launching Into A Developer Blind Spot

Challenge: DeepFactor was founded by two industry veterans who deeply understood some of the challenges across security, performance, and compliance that face today's software development teams.  Having built an initial product, DeepFactor needed to translate the...

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Messaging, after product and funding, is arguably the third key thing to get right for early stage B2B start-up success. Yet just the other day, a friend of mine who is a well respected Venture Capitalist said to me, "You know Ken, most of our early stage company...

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Creepy Customer Care, Thanks But No Thanks?

Get Out and Engage! - Why You Need Both Customer Empathy AND Intimacy to Drive Aligned Engagement Do you know what keeps your customers up at night? What gets them excited in the morning? Have you walked in their shoes? Do you seek to understand before being...

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Marketing InSecurity Podcast

Episode 17: Marketing in the Time of COVID, Part 3: Assessing a Changing Future

On this episode of The Marketing InSecurity Podcast, Ken talks with Atri Chattejee of Forge Rock about how they helped their customers navigate the changes brought on by COVID19.