DeepFactor - Launching Into A Developer Blind Spot

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DeepFactor was founded by two industry veterans who deeply understood some of the challenges across security, performance, and compliance that face today’s software development teams.  Having built an initial product, DeepFactor needed to translate the co-founders’ vision into a compelling go to market story and message platform, and implement that platform across initial go to market assets such as website, datasheet, and sales presentation. In order to launch with velocity, DeepFactor needs a differentiated story that was targeted and consistent with their product led go to market strategy.


Ken first helped the founding team refine the target market segments and personas and refine the Go To Market strategy and then develop a compelling market narrative and value messaging platform and implement that message in a powerful launch. The resulting story, titled “Runtime Ready”  describes how developers are “Runtime blind” and DeepFactor can transform their DevOps process to deliver Runtime Ready releases. 


 “Ken brought not just process and framework, but deep industry knowledge and insight. Ken’s work and advice has delivered key contributions to our early success.” – Kiran Kamity, CEO and Co-Founder, DeepFactor

DeepFactor’s launch has established for them a unique positioning and initial toehold in a crowded but growing market.  Early results include several marquee  initial customers and upcoming partnerships.  By clearly positioning DeepFactor as a unique and meaningful solution, this work has created a platform for future growth and success.




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