Treasury Curve Finds Their Voice

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A small but successful provider of Cloud Treasury Services that help corporations proactively and efficiently manage their cash and investments, Treasury Curve needed to move beyond features and benefits to raise their visibility in the market and attract new customers.  As a small team, the project had to be executed quickly with minimal demands on the team’s time.


Ken worked with the founding executive team to define a Viewpoint story that put corporate Treasury teams at the center of a transformative “Hero’s Journey” and made the Treasury Curve service the magic in that journey. This process was lightweight, with an intensive but rapid workshop engagement, respecting the team’s limited time while capturing its insight and expertise.


“Working with Ken enabled us to quickly understand and write the story of the Treasury Curve ‘Hero’s Journey’; which is our customer’s story, not our own,” said Co-Founder and CEO Aron Chazen, “Through this process, we found our ‘voice’ so we could have a dialogue with our customer from the their perspective, instead of simply listing our features and benefits.”

Ken then provided the team with a lightweight implementation strategy based on his story scaling framework.

“Ken advised us to experiment by posting bits and pieces of our newly created story on LinkedIn and other places.  That simple experiment resulted in a dramatic increase in views of our posts, visits to our website, demo requests, and sales opportunities,” Chazen added.

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