Weblife.IO Makes A Quick Turn On Employee Access, GDPR And Web Isolation

Client Success Story


Early on the team at Weblife.IO knew they were on to something.  But in a crowded space of “Web Isolation” with mixed results, the challenge was telling a story that both stood out and captured the excitement in the early customers they had acquired. And with GDPR looming, the time was ripe now.


Ken worked with the founding product and executive team to build the story for Weblife.IO. Turning around a story in just a few weeks, the project focused in on not just security and threat protection, but on both empowering employees while reducing the organization’s attack surface and risk. Targeting companies who were forward thinking on employee access and privacy allowed Weblife to tell a story that was both differentiated and valuable.


Weblife’s revenue and success continued to accelerate.  So much so that they were acquired by Proofpoint just 2 years after seed funding, and just 6 months after the project.  Crunchbase reports the acquisition to have been $60M on $6.5M of capital invested. Not bad!

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