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MasterClass Breakthrough B2B Narrative and Storytelling

April 30, 2021 @ 10:00 am

Build, Tell, and Scale Your Breakthrough Story – Accelerate Visibility, Customer Acquisition, and Success

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Not sure if this Master Class is for you or just want more info? – Book a 30 min chat and we can figure it out!

One of THE critical success factors in B2B marketing success is building, telling and scaling your story. In this highly interactive 1 month long master class you’ll build your BREAKTHROUGH story and learn how to implement and scale it for the highest impact.

Taught by Ken Rutsky, this Masterclass is divided into 8 – two hour class sessions over 4 weeks, and is supported with email and 1:1 coaching throughout. Classes will meet weekly on Fridays from 10am to Noon Pacific and from 12:30pm to 2:30 PM. Optional pre-work will be assigned for some class sessions. Class sessions are:

Week 1: Setting the Stage

  • Class I – Set the Stage: Framework Overview, Audience Definition and Getting to the Big Problem
  • Class II – Connecting with Your Customer’s Reality

Week 2: Connecting Your Innovation to Your Customer’s Journey

  • Class III – The Depths of Despair – Customer’s Unmet Needs and Missed Opportunities
  • Class IV- Defining Your Magic – Building a Competitive Advantage for Your Offerings

Week 3:Putting it all Together

  • Class V – Transforming Your Customer’s Reality
  • Class VI -Tuning Your Breakthrough Narrative

Week 4: Execution, Where the Rubber Meets the Road

  • Class VII – Validation, Implementation and Deliverables
  • Class VIII – Beyond the Narrative – Value Messaging, Category Control and Brand Purpose

Through this Master Class you will:

  • Build your story using Ken Rutsky’s proven Viewpoint Story™ framework
  • Develop a validation framework and strategy to test and refine your story
  • Tailor your story to different audiences including buyers, market influencers, prospective employees and investors
  • Define and prioritize the 3 most important deliverables tailored to your business stage and how to leverage them across all go to market channels
  • Learn how to create buy-in and ownership with your extended team
  • Understand how to fit your narrative to your Go To Market strategy and messaging

By developing and implementing your breakthrough story you can:

  • Achieve Message Market Fit
  • Accelerate customer acquisition by 2-3x
  • More quickly hit key business milestones
  • Drive a more customer-centric product roadmap
  • Establish category definition and leadership
  • Grow next round valuation
  • Energize, excite and engage your team

Who is this for:

  • Founding and go to market teams in boot-strapped, seed and A-round start-up
  • Organizations that have early or later signals of product market fit and need to accelerate market traction
  • Teams who have struggled with getting the “story” right and aligning the team around it
  • Organizations who have pivoted their product strategy and need to align the right story around that pivot
  • Anyone who want to accelerate their success with awesome storytelling

“The process we went through with Ken was transformative. It crystallized the value and uniqueness of our offering to our customers in a way we never expected. It has changed not only the way we talk about our service, but the way we think about it and our priorities going forward, ” Robert Prigge, President, Jumio Corporation

“The sessions Ken led and the work he did for us was incredibly impactful in helping us shape the business into what it is today” – Sarah Botoroff, CMO FastSpring

Not sure if this Master Class is for you or just want more info? – Book a 30 min chat and we can figure it out!