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The Demise of Marketers, the Rise of Coders – Eh, I think NOT!

Andrew Chen’s recent blog post entitled – Growth Hacker is the New VP of Marketing certainly got my attention and was one of the most intriguing post I’ve read in months.  Andrew essentially writes an obituary for Marketers, saying they are going the way of the dinosaur to be replaced by a new and more evolved species he calls the Growth Hacker.  Do I agree, NO!  But that

Getting Your Head Around Mindset – Driving Successful Transformations

(Ken’s note Sept 2016 – This is an older blog, but a relevant one still) I recently finished my blog series on Bridging to SaaS Success, and I’ve been thinking a lot about one part of that framework, Mindset. I talked about the SaaS mindset, and said, “Mindset is made up of 3 things, orientation, perspective, and

Tale of 2 Panels- The Cloudy Future Of Enterprise Tech Sales

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the Goldman Sachs Cloud Computing conference in Menlo Park, Ca. Goldman put an amazing group of companies and execs on stage. Particularly interesting to me was the conflict in opinion between the “Selling SaaS to the Enterprise” and the “Empowering the Clouds” panels when it came to the topic of the Enterprise