Conversation Economy

A Theory of (Competitive) Relativity

(If you want be in on more of the Competitive Marketing Conversation, I'll be talking all about this and more at the day 2 Keynote of the Competitive Marketing Summit in Denver on October 23-24th.  For  the next week, the organizers are letting me offer a 50% off...

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A Chorus of Value Voices

"But we sell to a technical buyers," she said, "why do I care about the story?" "But it's easy to use, why do I need to invest more in customer success?, " he asked "It's just about differentiation!," they all said. Like a loud bar, I was having a hard time keeping...

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Look Who’s Talking – Markets are Conversations

Markets are Conversations. First said by the authors of “The Cluetrain Manifesto" in 1999, this is really a truth that goes back to the barter marketplaces of old, to the trading pits of the CBOE, to today’s electronic marketplaces. But if markets are truly...

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