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Work with Me and Help Me Scale My Business and Launch New Offerings

My work-life is great but getting a bit crazy, so I am looking for help to capture and take advantage of growing and new business opportunities.

Opportunity #1 – Business Manager

This is a genuinely unique part-time opportunity for a high energy, organized, and creative person. You will play a dynamic and I hope exciting and fulfilling role in growing my small but high impact consulting and thought leadership practice. I’m looking for a Business Manager/Personal Assistant to support the work I do as consultant, author, speaker, trainer and mentor in the area of market leadership, servicing large and small, local, national and international clients.

For details read here: KJR Business Manager Description

Opportunity #2 – Entrepreneurial Corporate Event Creator

I am looking for an independent entrepreneurial corporate event creator who wants to build a new venture with me. This is a once in a long time chance to create an industry wide event to a totally under-serviced market.  I’m looking for a pro who is willing to share in both risk and upside, which is very large.

Email me at to chat about either role!

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