Jim Barksdale is a pretty quotable guy, work for him for a few years like I did at Netscape and you leave with a small library of “Barksdalisms” that just stick with you.  One of Jim’s sayings was, “It ain’t dogfood unless the dog comes off the porch to eat it…”.

While Jim was making the point that you can love your product, but if the customers doesn’t buy it it aint worth much, I never think Jim was intending to be taken literally.  German pet food manufacturer GranataPet did.  Watch this video of a mobile enabled dog food dispensing billboard.

Kinda gets you hungry doesn’t it? OK, maybe not, but it will sure make your dog happy.

Ever feel like escaping the doldrums of your computer, sitting down by a mountain lake and skipping stones?  Sounds like fun.  That’s exactly the experience that the SkipTown promo for Sun Valley created by San Francisco design firm 11 did.  And while Skippy has since retired, check out the video of the world’s first (and maybe only?) web controlled stone skipping robot from Sun Valley Idaho. 

When I hear software, SaaS and other B2B companies hide their product or services experience behind a myriad of rationalizations and excuses I want to fire up these two videos.  If Sun Valley and Granata can do it, so can you!

KJR client WhiteHat Security recently launched it’s new RiskCheck program.  WhiteHat probably knows more about Website risk and attacks than anyone in the world.  But how do you give prospects a taste of that experience.  The RiskCheck, just launched last week is their answer.  Just complete this short web survey and receive a customized report comparing you to your industry and companies of your size. A small but highly valuable experience of the value that WhiteHat can deliver.

Experience and engagement create velocity.  So whether you are selling dog food, mountain vacations or website security, there’s a way to accelerate your pipeline today.

Now excuse me while I take Fido for a walk, skip some stones and futureproof my website.

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