Why do some companies, like FireEye, Zuora, and others raise their stories above the crowd, and get listened to and even obsessed over by prospects and customers alike?  I think it comes down to these simple, yet powerful three “cies”:

  1. Consistency
  2. Veracity
  3. Ferocity

Let’s take a look at why these are so important…

Consistency – Relevant Definition: Reliability or uniformity of successive results or events  – Telling a story once isn’t enough, telling it over and over again is what creates breakthrough and notice.  How many years and times did Marc Benioff of Salesforce show up with the No More Software Logo.  The first time it caught the eye, the second time it became interesting, and the 100th time it was compelling because every thing he said was a RIFF on this theme.  You were a believer, and you came along for the ride.

Veracity – Relevant Definition – correctness or accuracy  – Every time they tell the story, they back it up with supporting and compelling facts, data and figures!  FireEye cranks out a ton of research to support their Next Generation Threat protection story.  They are the experts, and they back it up by sharing that expertise, all the time!

Ferocity – Relevant Definition – The state or quality of being ferocious; marked by unrelenting intensity – To be believed, you have to be a true believer yourself.  You can’t fake ferocity, and if you don’t have it, then your story will never have the impact of those that do.

So be ferocious and consistent, and back it up with real facts, and you too can create an impactful, breakthrough corporate story.  What story can you tell, well I’d start with your Viewpoint.

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