The second dimension of my Viewpoint is the articulation of a re-invented solution, which is covered in depth in this blog.  To quickly recap, this blog argued that you can re-invent your solution along 3 dimensions, Approach, Innovation and Mindset or AIM; show diagrammatically here:


So when B2B Marketers look at their messaging methodology, to succeed in today’s Info Overloaded, Buyer Centric, Crowded Market they need to re-imagine their approach like so:

    •  The Approach –from bottom up to Top down
    •  The Innovation – from value to Viewpoint
    • The Mindset –  that we must challenge and engage on the customer’s terms

Let’s briefly take a look at each of these.

  • From bottom up to top down – Rather than start with features, function and benefit, start with STEEP, the customer’s reality and world.
  • From Value to Viewpoint – We must start with a well articulated Viewpoint, before we have the right to discuss our Value.
  • Challenge and Engage – Our job is to challenge the customers assumptions and comfort.  We have to move from Diagnostic Selling to Authority Driven Selling.

As we will see in part 3 of this series, if we shift our messaging approach as above, we set the baseline to achieve Marketing Impact and Velocity.



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