Dear Reader,

I’m excited to share this preview content of my upcoming book with you.  We live in a challenging time for marketing and sales professionals in B2B markets.  Information flows freely, markets are crowded, and buyers only engage on their terms, in their context, and on their timeline, not ours.  Basically, no one wants to listen to us. Even when they are ready to listen we must break through a cacophony of noise and clutter to both get attention and communicate value.  For the last 6 years as a consultant, and for more than a decade before that in senior marketing operating roles, I’ve been helping to navigate these challenges and build market leading brands and businesses at Intel, Netscape, McAfee, FireEye and many others. The Viewpoint Marketing B2B Playbook provides a game plan to help you break through and lead your market by telling stories that sell, crafting messaging that matters and delivering programs that punch through.  Winning examples of this from FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, Zuora and others are highlighted.

Here’s a brief sample of the book.  I hope you enjoy it, But most of all, I’d love your feedback right here, via email or even an old fashion phone call!!

Thanks for your readership!


PS, let me know if you’d like to be on the early access list for the full book!

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