A client of my recently lamented, “I was really hoping we’d find a silver bullet”.  I asked her what she meant.  She said, “You know, the ONE thing we could say, the one sentence that would set us apart”.

I said, “Well, there might not be a silver bullet(yet), but we’ve got a Golden Story!”.  The story that connects your uniqueness to the customer’s context and creates market opportunity and leadership.

The Golden Story has 4 bullets in its magazine, they are:

  • Your world has changed Mr/Mrs. Customer, and here’s what TODAY’S REALITY IS
  • If you keep trying to solve your problems with the expected solutions, you will be THIS PAIN and/or MISSING THESE GAINS
  • What if you SHIFT YOUR MINDSET AND APPROACH to solving your problems?

I also call the Golden Story your Viewpoint story.  Notice who this story is about, NOT YOU!  It’s about your customer.  And here’s the really cool thing about it, that tag line, that one sentence, that catch phrase silver bullet, like Salesforce.com “End of Software” or Nike’s “Just Do It” often will emerge as you tell your Golden Story.

So forget the silver bullet and you’ll probably just find it hiding in your Golden Story, which I am happy to report, my client seems to have done as we revised and reviewed their story!

For step by step on building your Golden Story, read my book, Launching to Leading!, or even better, attend Viewpoint Story Hackathon and we can build it together!

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