“Old Pro” – (n) Noun –

1) A bar in Palo Alto, as in “The Old Pro”.  The Old Pro is a very popular sports bar currently housed on Ramona Street in the building that formerly was Ramona’s Pizza.  The Old Pro has often hosted the royalty of Silicon Valley and was one of the late “Coach” Bill Campbell’s hangouts.  Also, many a Stanford Business School student have hoisted a beer or two or three at Tuesday night F.O.A.M (see F.O.AM.) night at the Old Pro, both old and new.

Example – “Meet me at the Old Pro to watch the (49rs, Stanford, Warriors, Giants, A’s …) game”

2) The “Old Old Pro” – Valley veterans will remember the “Old Old Pro” that was a in a World War 2 Quonset hut on El Camino and Page Mill roads. The Old Old Pro had a peanut covered floor, with some shells maybe as old as the building itself, and was covered wall and ceiling with now non-PC Budweiser, Nascar and Rigid Tool Bikini Clad girl posters.  Many, including the author miss the Old Old Pro.    Other valley bars of Old Old Pro vintage include the now defunct Wagon Wheel complete with poker room, the St James Infirmary in Mountain View with its massive Wonder Woman statue and popular with Moffet Field Airmen, Santa Clara’s Peppermill, as well as Palo Alto’s Antonio’s Nut House which is still hanging on as of this writing on California Avenue.

3) Old Pro (rare usage) – Possibly one of the rumored denizen’s of Thursday night happy hour at the Rosewood.  As in, “She’s an (old) Pro”…enough said…


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