Here’s a simple way to think about layering your messaging from brand to product.  Think of messaging in 4 layers, brand, story product and differentiation and answering 4 WHYs;

  • Why WE exist
  • Why YOU should care
  • Why YOU should buy
  • Why WE are different than the competition

So, what are the answers to these questions?

Why we exist is the world of brand and MYTHOS.   Our mission, vision, the mark we want to make on the world.

Why you should care is the world of MAGIC.  Make your solution the magic in your Customer’s Hero’s Journey.  Who doesn’t want a little magic.

Why you should buy is the world of MONEY.  What’s the business value of your solution…

Why we are different is our METHOD or our HOW.  It’s our unique capabilities and features.

Sounds easy?  Not really.   But I started my practice to change the way marketers communicated with their markets after realizing that our old approaches were broken (MYTHOS)  And get them focused on story and context to help them transform their brands to market leaders (MAGIC) and get a 6x improvement in Leads to Revenue in 6 months (MONEY)  And my METHOD is what I call the Viewpoint Story wheel, my Value Messaging Framework and the like (METHOD).

So, to breakthrough and win, remember you need MYTHOS, MAGIC, MONEY and METHOD to tell a compelling story in the market.

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