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Don’t Quit When You’re Not “Upenuf” – Why Go to Market Excellence is so Dang Hard, But Worth It!

I was thinking about, or maybe more the case obsessing about, market leadership on my bike ride the other morning.  I had just gotten a tune up and a fix up of my road bike, and was enjoying a early morning ride that was reminding me why I love living in Northern California, 68 degrees, sunny and the road nearly to myself.  That is, until I got about two thirds of the way up my climb of Old La

Ready to Summit? Three Surprisingly Simple Ideas to Take You to the Top of Your B2B Market

You’ve invested in marketing automation, content marketing people and programs.  You’ve just finished that new messaging project.  Now what? Having the right messaging and positioning, no small task in today’s crowded buyer centric B2B markets, puts you at the base of the mountain. To reach the summit, you must do three things. First, execute with consistency, veracity and

For Market Leadership, Evolve and Layer Your Messaging

What does market leadership look like?  Faster lead conversion? more visibility and fame? better metrics like leads to revenue? CEO rockstars the conference? competitors on their heels and chasing? All of this and more!  What it looks like is a snowball rolling downhill.  Market leaders often get benefits well beyond their product differentiation would suggest.  It’s a virtuous success

Message-Market Fit Trumps Product-Market Fit?

Product – Market Fit is an important concept in very early stage start-ups.  It is the thing that is perceived by founders and investors alike as THE milestone to signify that customers want the product and it is time to accelerate growth investments.  As Marc Andreessen is quoted as saying, “Product/market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that

Building Your B2B Market Leadership Machine

In today’s highly competitive B2B markets, to be a leader, you must build and run a modern marketing machine that can be thought of like a race car.  In fact, market leaders need to be great at three things; Marketing Automation,  Content Marketing, and Messaging and Positioning.  These can be thought of as the engine, the tires and the fuel of the race car. When you have a high